Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Church asks, "Is Science so bad?"

By John Kubicek

I saw this one segment on Fox & Friends this morning, with Lauren Green, a Fox News correspondent, discussing "Evolution Week IV". The segment starts out with poll results that show a significant proportion of Americans that are "undecided" when it comes to the question of Faith vs Evolution.

So let's just watch the following video of that segment, and then we'll discuss what we're seeing here:

Of course, I won't be able to help us resolve an issue with this writing, one that has been debated for many years. That isn't my intent, either. At this time in our lives, the real question is how far the Church will go to satisfy the scientific community. It sure seems that the Church is doing as much as they can to reconcile religion with science. And there is a lot we can discuss in that area.

Centuries ago, the Earth was flat, and the universe revolved around the planet Earth, according to the professed ideologies of the Christian (Roman Catholic) Church and academia of the time. The "science" of that time was forced upon the people. But then, along comes Copernicus and Galileo, who discover evidence - with mathematical proof - that our universe is set up in a way greatly different from what the Church at that time was teaching.

What we are witnessing now, though, is a different story. Along came Charles Darwin, a couple centuries ago, with his theory of Evolution. Not long after Darwin's theories became the norm in academia, environmental alarmists came along, claiming that man was destroying the planet. We are now told of global warming (or climate change) being caused by man.

Our future generations are being indoctrinated the same way as were the serfs of the Middle Ages. We are now told to accept the ideologies of evolution and man-made climate change, in much the same way as when we were being told the Earth was flat. There is a parallel that should be bothering you, especially considering the video above. Once academia and recognized and accepted religions meet with ideas that aren't exactly proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, could we be facing another period of the Dark Ages when dissent was not allowed? Are we already there?

The Church is dangerously flirting with New Age philosophies. It wasn't that long ago that the Pope came out with the revelation that there could be a plausible chance of the fact that we are not alone in the universe. Could there be a better way to soften us up for the strong indoctrination to get us to accept all of the worldly dogma?

It wasn't that long ago that many leaders of the Christian Church jumped on to the global warming train. And now, they are being pressured to accept the Darwin theory of Evoloution. What is next? That is the question that Christians need to ask, and determine how far we must go to appease the social conscious of these times. It is an issue that we need to stay aware of.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

End Times: Ready, or Not (Here He comes!)

By John Kubicek

There are different ways that people look at the End Times prophecies.

Some will say that the End Times won't happen, ever. (That is, unless mankind is responsible for the end of the Earth and humanity.)

Some will say that the End Times will happen, but probably not in their lifetime. (Their fragile little minds are just so totally boggled by all that is going on, that for now, they will keep on ignoring the various events we keep hearing about.)

Some will say that the End Times will happen, just because there are people that want it to happen, and will do what they can to make it happen.

And then, there are those that are telling us that it WILL HAPPEN, according to Holy Scripture:

But wait, that video segment is an example of man trying to set a time. Only the Lord knows that time, and it is not up to us.

So, here is the stance that I take, which I am calling, "Ready, or not (Here He comes!)". While I am very convinced that the Lord is coming soon, that there will be a Rapture before the Tribulations, the only thing that I can advise is that you make sure that you are ready "if" and whenever the time comes.

In my philosophy of End Time scenarios, I believe in the Biblical prophecies, and I'm seeing things that seem to be getting the ball rolling. Setting the stage: More pieces of the puzzle are appearing before our eyes, on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many people just don't see it. Many are following the elite in thinking that only Man can comprehend and solve all of our complex problems.

But if you are one of those that believes that only God can get us through this, then this blog is for you. End Times? Who knows, but just be Ready, or Not.