Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking advantage of a crisis (In a good way!)

By John Kubicek

Rahm Emanuel was right when he stated, "Never let a serious crisis go to waste … it's an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before." Only, I'm sure he wasn't talking about anything like this!

Did you ever wonder when you'd have a chance to share the Gospel with somebody? Would you want it to be in a situation such as what happened in the above video? God had a purpose, and He offered the opportunity. The elderly couple survived the ordeal by making use of that opportunity. I'm just sayin' ...

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

By John Kubicek

The following was derived from an email sent to me by a very good friend, Rev. Gerri Janeway. This came from an email by Bob Gotti, of
Poetic Pulpit.

Faith of a Nation

An Unchanging Truth that truly changes some,
This is the work of The Spirit, sent by The Son.
The Father, The Son, and The Spirit are three,
And when we see Them as One, we are truly set free.

Free from the path of sin, as unbelievers we had trod,
Freed only through The Grace of an Unchanging God.
Once as a Christian, for we believed in His Name,
Our person and our lives will never be the same,

We strive to be different in what we might do or say,
However, some who have believed have fallen away.
As a Body in this Nation, we have truly been deceived,
And worse yet, by a peoples who do not even believe.

They say God Bless America and United we stand,
But, they fail to see the sin throughout our troubled land.
We are not truly United and divided we will fall,
For as a Nation our eyes are not on The Lord at all!

As a Nation we speak of our power and strength from within,
While we embrace and endorse all kinds of wicked sin.
Although we have Bibles, how much have we learned?
For even The Lord asked "Will I find Faith when I return?"

Copyright ©07/2002 Bob Gotti) /

Freedom In Christ

When we receive God’s Salvation, we are freed from condemnation,
No longer at enmity with our God, we’re now lead by Staff and Rod,
In Christ, with God, we have peace, a relationship that will not cease,
Saved out of the world of strife, we’re granted, by God, Eternal Life.

True Freedom from God we receive, when in Christ, we truly believe,
While in this life we are free of fear, as The Lord God is always near,
While seated now upon His Throne, Christ watches over all His Own,
And our Father has complete control, over every trial, big and small.

We can be free of discouragement, in The Spirit, who God has sent,
Sent to be our Counselor and Guide, to all believers, to dwell inside,
While in this life, to encourage us, as in The Lord, we place our trust,
With our eyes fixed upon His Son, through all trials when they come.

We too have freedom from defeat, for in Christ we’re now complete,
By saving us from the power of sin, we now can live our life for Him,
As His Spirit helps us to live above, all our trials, guided in His Love,
For in Jesus Christ we have victory, through His power from Calvary.

Believers today can rest assured, knowing Jesus Christ, as our Lord,
Even through life’s darkest night, we’re guided by The Savior’s Light,
With God’s promise of Eternal Life, through our Savior, Jesus Christ,
And we have this freedom eternally, all through the Cross of Calvary.

(Copyright ©06/2009 Bob Gotti) /

Who’s Following Who?

Why do many politicians deceive, those in the land who truly believe,
The Word, written long before, these men stood on the Senate floor?
God’s Word, written by men of Old, regarding what God has foretold,
About the things to be fulfilled, not how man but how God has willed.

How can we be blessed by God, as these men with a convincing nod,
Speak to people across this land, while they assert a Godless stand?
Making stands that have inferred, new ways opposed to God’s Word,
Moving from our firm foundation, as they weaken this beloved nation.

How can politicians stand so aloof, while distorting fundamental Truth,
Only to further their own policy, while dismissing The God of Eternity?
Their ways are not apparent to all, as Knowledge of God is truly small,
In the minds of much of this world; as the darker policies are unfurled.

How can these men be so arrogant; pursuing policy, they’re truly bent,
On treading underfoot all God’s ways, in their quest for men’s praise?
Self-willed politicians, filled with pride, they cast all God’s ways aside,
Basing reason on human deduction, they pave the way to Destruction.

Are these politicians, truly deceived, by the power they have received,
Or fully aware of a darker plan, that is hidden from the common man?
A plan that’s known by many of us, who in God have placed our trust,
But, it’s God’s Plan that will prevail, while man’s dark plans surely fail.

Is there no Godly fear in their heart, while from Truth they truly depart,
Making policy on their own accord, dismissing the ways of our Lord?
In these days who’s following who, as mere men govern me and you,
Do they not realize and understand, God still reigns over every land?

(Copyright ©06/2009 Bob Gotti) /

Slipping Away Into Silence

Some souls are considered foolish; some may be just a bit unwise,
As times become nearly ghoulish, all can’t seem to open their eyes.
Accepting things that should not be, accepting with a wink and nod,
Having eyes that will not see, minds dismiss the wisdom from God.

Some seem asleep in The Body, men who say in God they believe,
And ignore things morally shoddy, to follow men who truly deceive.
Aren’t we here to be God’s Light, in a world that is darker each day?
Instead of embracing what’s right, many appear to be going astray.

Today many of God’s Holy people, bought at an exceptional price,
Gathering weekly under a steeple, forgetting God’s Great Sacrifice.
We’re here to be vessels for Christ, to hold up high all God’s Truth,
But, it seems like we’ve been iced, frozen by fear of man’s reproof.

Have we been silenced by those, leaders without God who are lost?
By the devil they’ve been chose, to become an enemy of the cross.
Which side are you on these days, on Christ’s side to be His voice?
Or working for man’s empty praise, as in darkness he does rejoice?

The time may be slipping away, to be that voice for Christ our Lord,
It would be grand if we could say, all together in one strong accord,
That The Lord above changes not, and He’s coming back my friend,
And God has cast the enemy’s lot, and Judgment shall be their end.

(Copyright ©06/2009 Bob Gotti)

True Liberty

The day in which one celebrates, Independence of a union of states,
Independence from powers outside; freedom that was once denied,
The freest nation in this world, a point that others sometimes herald,
Causing many who are weary in heart, to come here for a fresh start.

A day of real joyous celebration, all across this now powerful nation,
As our voices together are raised, with full hearts a nation is praised,
Festive fireworks are always planned, in many cities across this land,
Celebrating what many of us see, as the greatest nation in all history.

Liberty we celebrate by proclamation, extends to all within this nation,
However that liberty extends only, to the borders of this dear country,
Beyond the borders and the sea, the nation’s people may not be free,
When many travel to other lands, freedoms turn into other’s demands.

Demands which turn into bondage, leaving this land of great privilege,
Privileges that others only dream of, as they look to this land we love,
A land that is so blessed by God, many agree, on this day with a nod,
But, forgetting Him most of the year; living so privileged, without fear.

There’s a freedom many don’t know, as their freedoms for them grow,
Liberty, from the bondage of sin, that captivates our land from within,
That freedom which we celebrate, doesn’t free men from Satan’s hate,
As the Devil leads a war against God, all across this land that we trod.

Freedom from such an evil foe, comes only when the Savior we know,
Who left all the Glory of Eternity, coming to earth to set captives free,
The only true freedom on this earth, comes to man, by a spiritual birth,
Through the Liberty in Jesus Christ, when in Him they receive New Life.

(Copyright ©07/2008 Bob Gotti) /

"For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared
To all men. It teaches us to say "No" to ungodliness and
Worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and
Godly lives in this present age, while we wait for The
Blessed Hope--the glorious appearing of our great God
And Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to
Redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself
A people that are his very own, eager to do what is good."

(Titus 2:11-14 )

In Christ's Love, Bob Gotti

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