Monday, March 17, 2014

VIDEO: Greg Peterson - Shield (Original Song)

Greg Peterson is one of the Peterson Farm Bros.


Hear my cry lord, I'm falling behind
I've got tens of thousands on every side of me
All hope seems lost when I'm on my own
But then I remember I'm not alone

You are a shield around me
My fortress you'll never leave
And you will always hear my cry
My glory the one who lifts my head high

When I am weak Lord, is when you are strong
And I'll put my trust in you all the day long
The enemy will turn and flee
When the Lord Almighty is revealed in me

I may be knocked over
I may be abused
But in who I trust Lord, I won't be confused
I may be discouraged
I may be dismayed
But I've got a Father who's leading the way
Oh, I know I helpless, I know I am small,
I know I need you to save me, this I know, this I know.....

*     *     *     *